Cosmetic Window Films

As America’s leader in decorative window film installation, Atlantic Care carries the highest quality selection of products in the nation. We are proud to be a certified installer of SOLYX and 3M decorative window films. Decorative window films are typically used as an alternative to stained or etched glass to enhance the appearance and privacy of any interior or exterior window.

Decorative Window Film Styles

SimGlas Series – Available in semi to complete privacy, these simulated glass window film decorations are perfect for both the home & office. The SimGlas series was designed to retain the natural look of your glass with a variety of crystal clear distortion patterns for distraction and privacy. Our most common application for this film is in conference rooms, restroom windows and doors.

Rice Paper Designs – Known as “bathroom film,” rice paper decorative window tints come in a variety of colors and patterns. This is a transparent, embossed window film that allows light transmission while obscuring direct visibility. If you want privacy without losing light, this is a great option to explore.

Frosted Window Films – The cost savings between frosted window film and etched glass is astonishing. We carry an extensive selection of frosted films to suit your every need. With a variety of shades, designs and thicknesses, we can provide you with both a customized design and a heightened level of safety and security.

Patterned Films– Choose from dozens of designs, shades and shapes of window films for your residential and commercial glass. From traditional to contemporary, we can find the right pattern to fit your needs. Our selection includes dotted, striped, layered and customized designs for your home and office.

Typical decorative window film applications

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Screens & mirrors
  • Conference rooms
  • Glass display booths

Custom stained or etched glass is costly and permanent. With decorative window films you have the freedom to change the appearance of any piece of flat glass at any time. With hundreds of designs, styles and shades, Atlantic Care has the right choice for your home and office. Our estimates are always free.