Dirty Siding?

Whether you have vinyl, stucco or painted wood siding, Atlantic Care’s house washing service can safely and effectively improve the appearance of the exterior of your home, office, condo or apartment building.

Aside from improving curb appeal, regular house washing keeps your siding in healthy condition. The build-up of dirt, mold and grime can cause irreversible staining or worse. Using low pressure and home-safe cleaning products, our proven house wash process will effectively and affordably remove the build-up from the exterior of your home.

Many Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts will strip and dent their homes and decks this year with rental equipment in an attempt to go it alone and save money. Our team is fully trained and equipped with the appropriate machines required for every job and every stain. Too much pressure causes damage, and too little pressure just makes everything wet, doing little to remove stains and dirt. Hiring a professional for your pressure washing service ensures a safe, thorough clean surface every time.

We reward loyal customers with discounts based on frequency of service. Call to set up your repeat cleaning schedule for the year, and we’ll be there! Priority scheduling is granted to those on the program. Also, coupons and discounts are given to those who bundle services on the same day. As your one stop shop, we’re dedicated to delivering the most affordable, complete clean possible.  We provide house washing services in Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and surrounding communities.