Variable Pressures for Any Surface

Pressure Washing services are the best way to maintain your largest investments. Dirt, grime, mildew, and algae build up over time and leave your home, driveway, sidewalks, patios and decks unsightly. Maintaining your home and business with regular pressure washing can greatly increase the longevity of your property. Our fully insured / skilled technicians come prepared with the very best in professional equipment and products to tackle any of your power and pressure washing needs in the South Florida communities of Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas.

Dirty Siding? A low pressure, high intensity “soft” house washing service will maintain and restore your home’s look. House washing services are recommended every (2) years to keep built up dirt and grime from burrowing into your property. Atlantic Care has perfected the art of the house wash. We use the highest quality home-safe chemicals and a clean house washing that will last. All Work is Guaranteed and you can feel safe knowing a trusted and fully insured technician is at your home making your house sparkle again!

Concrete cleaning is as much protection and maintenance as aesthetic. Pressure washing concrete removes built up dirt and salt deposits from weathering and general use over time. Once cleaned, your concrete will hold its look for months, turning heads around the neighborhood. Our flat surface pressure washing professionals specialize in driveway cleaning, pressure washing concrete in patios, pool-sides, sidewalks, and stamped concrete.

Concrete sealer comes in many forms. For the driveways, sidewalks, pool-sides and patios, we use the world’s most advanced concrete protection. Our sealer is used by state Departments of Transportation all throughout the country to protect and strengthen bridges and over passes on our major highway systems. If it’s good enough for a highway, think what it can do for your driveway?

ChemTec ONE:

  1. Increase the useful life of normal concrete up to 40%
  2. Absolutely clear application
  3. Lifetime sealer: never seal your concrete again

Concrete and Paver Clean & Seal

Pavers are a lifetime investment and protecting this lifetime investment requires occasional maintenance. By sealing a paver you help control the amount of maintenance required to keep your paver looking new. A sealer will protect the texture and surface of a paver. Sealing a paver with prevent stains and scratching. Atlantic Care uses Seal n Lock to seal all pavers.

Seal n Lock

Our paver sealer products are state-of-the-art, and address existing industry concerns regarding pavers turning white, durability and high gloss retention without the toxicity and disposal considerations associated with solvent-based sealers. All of our products are VOC compliant in all 50 states.